LIUDAS TRUIKYS - Otello 1938. Act IV

Otello 1938. Act IV

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Limited Edition Print. Exclusively Licenced by Juškus Gallery.

Limited to 500 pieces of each original.

Giuseppe Verdi. Otello. 1938
Limited Edition Print (Size:A2, A3): Scenery sketch, Act IV
Original size: 44x50,2
Technique: Pencil, gouache, golden and silver bronze on black paper

Premiere 15/10/1938. Conductor Vytautas Marijošius, director Petras Oleka. Kaunas State Theatre

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Liudas Truikys Photo: R. Dichavi?ius
Liudas Truikys was a remarkable personality in Lithuanian culture of the 20th century. His erudition, great aspirations and many-sided talent revealed very powerfully in the opera stage. He was a country boy, not very tall, thin, but his power of creativity and personality has been shown on the stage. He lived in Kaunas, and his gifts and ability to visualize music and make the visual image sound, to turn a musical sound into a plastic form fully revealed on the stage of the Vilnius Opera Theatre. His family life was unconventional: he was passionately in love with a woman much older than he was; he glorified solitude and was devoted to creative work. The small and delicate man was endowed with great creative power and titanic stubbornness in seeking perfection that enabled him to produce big and expressive works. He was also endowed with analytical thinking, diligence and high demands of himself and his art. His constantly and amazing changing art still raises questions: how his early, rather “wordy” plastic discourse became very “economic”; how his realistic imagery turned into abstractions; how the motifs began to double, multiply and resemble chemical unions that make one think of various material transformations. Liudas Truikys’ compositions often resemble a rock melted in an alchemist’s oven. (Art critic Raimonda Širvinskienė)

Liudas Truikys the dramatization of operas art brought together to Aleksandras Skrebinas genius cherished philosophical and mystical ideas , he took the cosmic process to operas scene, expressed the connection between the time and space also the relativity of these expressions. Understanding this we can combine Liudas Truikys with Thom Mann who told things related to Albert Einstain’s statements in the Bewitched mountain .
We wouldn’t like that such unite of those exceptional persons would be understood just as the gallant play of notions. Reminding them lets try really to hear their silent and wonderfully chord. (Musicologist Edmundas Gedgaudas)


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